chapter 2.26: Trial of a Vampire

Shanghai, eastern China, the Shang family home. “I think you have enough problems to worry about at the moment! My love, I love you…” was the last thing she said to James as the holographic call flickered out Pearl’s transition had obviously been quicker than normal. It had only happened once before with her youngest […]

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chapter 2.25: Shall We Dance

The third and final part of the Into the Unknown Saga zero-seven-zero-zero hours at Kelly’s dance studio Avon: This is a really nice place you have, Kelly Kelly: It was my mothers. It’s the only thing in the world I truly cherish because of all the happy memories I have of her here. sometimes when […]

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Chapter 2.24: Into the Unkown, Day 2

one-four-zero-zero hours Strangerville military Jailhouse Kelly: Don’t put her in here, can’t you see she’s infected? Jail MP: That’s just a rumor, Cadet!… Kelly: A rumor? You have got to be frigging kidding me! look at her, you idiot! Brigadier Miles Greyson: language, Kelly The MP Sergeant suddenly stood to attention as my father had walked-in […]

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