chapter: 2.15 Genie in a bottle

  Date: 07.08.2032 Jian: what the hell! Chiasa: who are you? what are you doing in our apartment? Aaliyah giggles a little, before she said: “it is me, Aaliyah… don’t you recognize me?” Jian: aren’t you supposed to be only 13 years old? Aaliyah: ha ha! that’s funny, I’m from the future, silly! Jian: of […]

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special 2nd year anniversary post

The return of the Musketeers to San Diego Comic-con… after a disastrous first visit to Comic-con last year, the gang were pleasantly surprised to receive an invitation for the 2019 convention 2nd Anniversary: the musketeers at comic-con 2019 In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang is a concept of dualism in ancient Chinese philosophy, describing how […]

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