chapter 2.14: the four Musketeers

Date: 8.24.2037


Kitana: I’m going up to the bridge now! are you coming?

Savannah: If you don’t mind, I think I will stay here for a while.

Kitana: would you like to talk? is everything alright?

Savannah: Oh no! I’m fine, K. its nothing…

Kitana: are you sure? you just seem a little quiet than usual.

Savannah: it’s OK, Kitana… you go ahead, I will be up there in a moment or two

“OK! you know where I am if you need me!”

she turned back to look at me, as she was waiting for the turbo lift and said

“This ship is something else, isn’t it?”

“it’s unbelievable, to say the least”

and then the lift doors open and she walked in and they hissed shut behind her

just a few minutes ago we were in a synchronous orbit to the Red planet’s rotation,  looking out the windows down at Mars itself…

even these Windows were highly advanced pieces of Technology, they  had retracted metal shutters that were built into the hull of the ship, effectively I was just looking through nothing but a few holes with a force field layer covering them to stop all the air  rushing out

I swear that I could feel a slight vibration of the engine’s start-up as we started to pull away from the planet.  I have seen a lot of many wondrous things in my long lifetime. but I never believed I would see The Red planet like this.

then the ship started to begin to accelerate away, I watch the Red planet get smaller and the stars started to look like white streaks as we started to head back home.

but no matter how amazingly mind-blowing all this was. I still couldn’t stop thinking about the conversation that I had just had a few hours ago now with Joel

I started thinking about my son, Jian… I couldn’t lose him too, not after, Chiasa. I just could imagine a world where he didn’t exist.

even though it hadn’t worked out between me and his father and that had been a difficult time, I still wouldn’t change a thing. I started to drift off back to where I had got to with the story, that I had been telling Joel

The Doctor had saved us both and he had taken us back to the states and from that point, we made it our home.

the years and the decades went by very quickly and each decade brought something new, especially in fashion…

savannah 2

Savannah walking through the decades of time…

life was just one big party And that party didn’t end until 2000 when Kitana asked me to find someone for her

his name was James Magnes. she didn’t give me much to go on apart from he was soon going to make an appearance in sunset valley

back in the early 50s, she had her villa built there over the catacombs where the Ikaza temple was.

it seemed very strange to me that she even knew that this James Magnes would be here at this point in time and that she had never mentioned him until now

so I got to work at finding this James Magnes. but I couldn’t find him, I wanted to know why was he so important to her.

she had never wanted to talk about it before. but that was the year when she finally told me her story about what happened at The Siege of Avonlea.  it gave me another name to look for… “Avon Austin”

I asked her if he was any relation to Joel Austin. but she had no idea who Joel was at the time

I hadn’t been able to find James. but Avon was a different matter, the name was unusual and there was only one that lived here.

but to my surprise, he was only 13 years of age. no wonder why I couldn’t find him at first.

he must be just a kid too, and after I realized this, it only took a few hours to track him down. he lived in a small town with his family just outside of Bridgeport. so I took her to see him, not telling her what his age was. And to say she was shocked was an understatement.

I asked her what she wanted to do. she just said it’s too early… we have to wait

so we waited until the day the Magnes family moved to Sunset Valley.

the year was now 2004 and James was 17 years of age


Savannah: thank you for seeing us at short notice…

I’m Special Agent Savannah Smith and this is my partner Kitana Jones.

The principal: what can I do for you both

Savannah: we wish to enroll Agent Jones here in your school

he just looked at us both for a long moment and that moment seemed very uncomfortable. it felt like he was mentally dissecting me and he was starting to creep me out. but finally, he said something

“how old are you, you both look like you just got out of school yourself, you both cant be no older than 19 at the most…

I want to see, your badges, that’s if you got one that is and I’m sure if what you just said is true, you’re going to need some kind of warrant”

Kitana: I told you just to compel him Savannah


The principal: what did you just say? I’m going to call security

Savannah: Kitana is 17 years old and you will enroll her right now!

The principal: yes, of course, I will… do you have school records with you

Savannah: don’t be so stupid, just make some up for us

The principal: right away.

Savannah: there you go that wasn’t so difficult, was it? now let’s look up all the information you have on a new student James Magnes


The principal: he’s talented with music especially with the piano, he’s an average student. has a sister, Pearl Magnes and they both will be transferring here from Bridge port high school in 2 weeks time

Savannah: right! put Kitana in his music class, its time to get out your Guzheng again, K.

Kitana: I haven’t played that since I left home in 1634

Savannah: you are going to be OK, it’s just like riding a bike, you never really forget. on second thoughts, maybe you should start playing the guitar instead, the Guzheng is more or less the same thing anyway. so I’m sure it won’t be that difficult to master.

Kitana: there totally different

Savannah: don’t worry, we have the whole weekend until you start your new school. I will help you get ready…

come on! it will seem like old times, we used to play all the time together, back in china and we were really good

by the end of the weekend, she had finally mastered the bass guitar. I couldn’t believe it took over 50 hours of practice. it’s a good thing we don’t have to sleep. In the old days, she used to be able to pick these things up a lot faster, I could only think of, that it must be just her age.


Savannah: Are you sure you want to do this? I’ve seen a lot of high school movies, I feel like I’m about to let you go into a lion’s den. come on, let’s forget this, there is a great party in New York starting tomorrow night. let’s just get out of here

Kitana: I can handle a few teenagers!

Savannah: you don’t know what there like, K. there highly dangerous, I’ve even heard it said you may not survive your first day at high school

Kitana: ha ha! you’re always so dramatic. don’t worry, I will be alright…

if you want to, you could still come with me if you like

Savannah: to be a teenager again, oh no!… but don’t worry, I will say a prayer for you, so you come back to me safe


security guard: you’re late… the bell has already gone.

Kitana: really!… were has it gone?

security guard: you’ve got a smart mouth! get to class, now!

“look at that, you haven’t even got in the front door and you’re already in trouble!…

good luck!…  you’re going to need it and remember don’t kill anyone!” Savannah said very softly so only Kitana could hear

Kitana: you may be dramatic, but I will forgive you for that.

security guard: what did you say? that’s it, young lady,  I’m putting you on my report. what’s your name?

a few moments later…


right! all I have to do now is get Avon and his friend to accept me. I’m supposed to report to Miss Robinson’s class. where the hell is that… this place feels like a maze

Skinner: hurry up! someones coming!

Freddie: no problems, the trap is set. little Richard green is going to get one hell of a surprise when he next opens his locker

Kitana: could you please tell me where Miss Robinson’s class is located?

Skinner: look at what with got here, guys

Ace: who’s this babe?

Skinner: shes mine! I saw her first!

Kitana just looked at the big Goof in disbelief, that was standing in front of her

Ace: I think the cat has got her tongue!

what’s the matter, babe? Skinner asked as he moved closer and slapped Kitana on her behind


Kitana: that was a big mistake!

Ace: Dam!… you’re stronger than you look, girl!

the old Kitana would have just killed him. when it came to bad people, let’s just say she may have more compassion now, but she was by no means a toothless cat because of what had happened back in Avonlea…

but lucky for Skinner, my words were still on Kitana’s mind.


Kitana: looks like you have a guardian angel looking after you, and I promised her I wouldn’t kill anyone today.

Ace: Do you know who we are? Skinner here is the toughest kid in the school

Kitana: oh! I understand now, this is a hierarchy and you rule by intimidation. well, let’s just get one thing straight…

your working for me now! you take orders from me now and me alone.  I will be seeing you very soon boys.


Ace: what the hell just happened here?

Skinner: I think we just got our butts Kicked

Freddie: I Kinda like her, do you think she will go to the prom with me?


a little while later that day…


Mr Roberts: you must be the new girl, The principal has been telling me that you are very talented with the guitar

Kitana: bass guitar mainly

Mr Roberts: have you met Avon and Max yet?.

Kitana: yes! I met them both this morning

Mr Roberts: well, there trying to put a band together

Kitana: that sounds like fun! you wouldn’t have any need for a bass player in your band,  by any chance?

Avon: absolutely we do! can you sing?

Kitana: I can, but I don’t think I would be the best choice as a lead singer

Avon: well, let’s see what you’ve got then! there’s a bass guitar over there.

Of course, Avon and Max loved the way my sister played and they became great friends very quickly. it always helps when you have something in common and all she had to do was to wait for James to turn up

two weeks later...


Kitana told me everything that had happened that day when she got home. she couldn’t believe how well it had gone and the fact, after all this time, he was finally standing right there in front of her again.

of course, he still wasn’t the right age and she still had to turn him. but there was still plenty of time for that. but everything that day had gone the way she wanted it to go… 

Mr Roberts: this is Avon, Max and Kitana… I would like you all to meet James, and this is his first day here…

And I have some good news…

James here can play the piano. I just thought maybe you could use him in your band.

Avon: That will be great, Mr R…

as soon as Avon paused for a moment, Kitana Jumped right in. she wanted to be the first to welcome James.

“it’s nice to meet you, James” she said with a warm smile on her face

James: Nice to meet you, too.

Mr Roberts: Have you picked out your song for the music talent contest weekend, Avon? It’s very soon now and if you can win, the summer school will give you great opportunities.

Avon: I’ve been rethinking that, Mr Roberts

Mr Roberts: Kitana thinks we could do this as a band and with the arrival of James here, I tend to agree with her, if we can get James up to speed that is and of course he’s interested

James: how long have we got to get ready

Avon: four weeks

Mr Roberts: are you sure about this Avon?

Avon: there’s nothing to lose in trying, Mr R.

if we can’t get the song ready in time, then I can still just do a solo performance… I’m as ready as I will ever be

Mr Roberts: OK! this is your call


James: Have you got a name for our band yet?

Kitana: yes! well, I came up with one a little while back. that’s if you all like it, that is

Max: So don’t keep us waiting, what did you come up with?

Kitana said she was watching James’s face the whole time as she said it…

“The Musketeers”

and he just looked at her with his mouth open in complete disbelief.

As she told me about what she had done,  she suddenly started to feel guilty about taking that away from him. I told her, you must never tell him, it would make you look crazy…

think about it, Sis, what would you tell him…

oh, I’m really sorry James. but I stole your idea because I met you in your future. and, I don’t know why… but bad Kitana took over again…

No, what was done was done, so I told her to forget about it, there was no harm done.

there was nothing she could do to change it now anyway.

Avon: I like it!

Max: the four Musketeers

Avon: now, how about this song that you promised us, Kitana?

Kitana: let’s see how good James is first


Kitana: James can you play this music for us, please

He was really quite graceful with his playing and we all realized at that point we were going to be part of something big here

it took a few hours of work. but we got it…

Avon: nice one! we rock! that was great


Avon hadn’t noticed that he had an admirer that had just walk in the room as he was we were finishing the song

Mr Roberts: Well, I would say if you play like that. you’re going to win. congratulations!…

I think you and your band are going to do us proud.

The Musketeers had drawn the last straw, and that meant they were going to be the last band on stage

and it was a moment I’m going to remember all my life…

I like a welcome from the sunset valley high school a newly formed band, they call themselves… The Musketeers

Max: thank you

James: we’re going to do a classic by the band named, Rainbow… “Since You Been Gone”



I get the same old dream, same time every night

Fall to the ground and I wake up

So I get out of bed, put on my shoes, and in my head

Thoughts fly back to the break-up

These four walls are closing in

Look at the fix you’ve put me in!!


Since you’ve been gone, since you’ve been gone

I’m outta my head, can’t take it

Could I be wrong, but since you’ve been gone

You cast the spell, so break it


Oooohhh – Whhooooaaa – Ooooohhh

Since you’ve been gone


Since you’ve been gone…

unnoticed events…


Ace: their really good aren’t they?

Kitana: I’m going to ask that girl out

Skinner: you’re crazy! don’t do it

Ace: let him try! this is going to be interesting, if he gets a chance, that is


Jeanie: well, all this thou could do, Aaliyah if thy only accept the offer

Aaliyah: could I go and see my sister?

Jeanie: anything and everything thee can dream of…

you just have to make sure thou has a good Master, who would thee like me to give thy flask too?

Aaliyah: my father

Jeanie: very well! if thee want’s this, all thy has to do is say… “yes”

Aaliyah: absolutely, I want this, “yes”

Jeanie: here goes then!

and that’s how Aaliyah, become a genie in a bottle


Leoni Amberle: whats going on here? are you responsible for the changes in the timeline?

Jeanie: what if I am? it’s going to be better like this!

Leoni: by that, you mean it’s going to be better for you

Aaliyah: grandmother, what are you doing here?

Leoni: grandmother!?… why did you call me that?

Jeanie: Aaliyah, thee should go and see thy sister and have a little fun before thy father finds out what you’ve have done

Aaliyah: but grandmother, I want to know what she means by the timeline changes

she then blinked again and said, “forget Leoni Amberle was ever here. now, go and have your fun with your sister…

as for thee Leoni, there going to be an advent in the future and it has to be this way. but like thee, I’m just looking out for my family”

Pearl: congratulations Avon, you have a singing voice that is wonderful

Mr Roberts: could I have a word with you for a moment, Avon


Avon: thanks Pearl, can I ask you a favour

Pearl: of course

Avon: whatever you do, don’t hold this against me.

Pearl: I don’t understand Avon…


before she could say another word, he had kissed her for the first time in his life


Pearl was left standing there, speechless to what had just happened as she watched him walk over to Mr Roberts

I had witnessed the start of their romance and so did everyone else that was there

august 2037 


I was suddenly bought back to the present as I heard Kitana voice…

“she not responding, is this thing working? Savannah are you receiving me?”

Savannah: yes, sorry about that!… I’m  here, go ahead!


this part of the story is also continued from a side story from Chapter 13: Return to the Double Wedding of 2008 and The Forbidden Kiss

Kitana: with have encountered an old late 1960s NASA space capsule. it seems to be stuck in what Max thinks is some kind of time vortex were going to try and lock on with our tractor beam to bring it out… if this works, we met you in cargo bay one

Savannah: very well, I’m on my way!


Tony Nelson: have you got anything to do with this Jeanie?

Jeanie: no, Master

Tony: come on! do you know the chances of finding us out here? I’ve been stuck here for who knows how long and a ship comes out of nowhere. didn’t you think , its a little miraculous.

Jeanie: well, I may have given them a little nudge in the right direction. but thee will be able to explain it all to everyone at NASA

Tony: well, then this calls for a celebration, I could Kiss you, Jeanie

Jeanie: I can help thee with that one Master.

and then she blinked and tony felt like he had wheels on his feet as he was rolling closer to her. then her arms were around him. so he just went with and started to Kiss her

Tony: tell me, Jeanie, how is Roger doing and Doctor Bellows? are they going to get a shock when they see me again!

“I would say so, too” she said a little awkwardly


Savannah: this is a bit of an inconvenient time, can I call you back

Joel: I think they’re on to me, I need you back as soon as possible

Savannah: we will be back as soon as we can. I’m sure we won’t be very long

Joel: OK, I can stall for a little longer…

by the way, do you any idea where my room is? this isn’t the same house and I have no idea where it is.

Savannah: sorry Joel, I don’t know. I could ask Kitana

Kitana: it’s upstairs, the 3rd door on the left

Joel: how do you know that and Savannah doesn’t?

Kitana: I know everything, Joel

Savannah: got to go now, we will see you very soon


Tony: thank you for rescuing me, I’m Major…

tony hadn’t finished his sentence because Max finished it for him. 

Max: Major Antony nelson

Tony: you heard of me then? I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name?

Jeanie: thou must realize that this is our grandson, Master

“what!” he said, almost choking

“You mean, its Max? the one that got married the other day”

Jeanie: there the very same, Master. but it wasn’t the other day, that was, that was 29 years ago

Tony: Jeanie!… what aren’t you telling me? how long have I been stuck in that thing

Jeanie: I’m sorry Master. but the year is now 2037

Tony: what? that means everyone I know must be dead

Jeanie: I can have back to the proper time right now if thee wish, master. why don’t thee  let me fix this?

Tony: you know, Jeanie. I would never be able to explain how that happened, we just have to go with this, at least I can explain it.

Jeanie: if that’s what thee, wish

Kitana: welcome aboard. Max this is your little problem, I will let you sort it out

Max: that’s just great! I just knew this was all going to catch up on me

7 thoughts on “chapter 2.14: the four Musketeers

    1. thank you Kymber 🙂 yes! I laughed when I wrote that part myself 🙂 I think the pose were Skinner is holding his face and looking so shocked to what had just happened to him, is one of Bee`s poses 🙂 it really made them pictures 🙂

      I don’t know if you can remember, but Skinner and his friends were in the 1st chapter… so it was a little cameo for them too 🙂 I like to bring old faces back in the story. its lot of fun 🙂

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    1. something never changes and some relations ships are just meant to be…

      even though this is a rewrite of sorts, I can’t go too far out of the sandbox that I have created for the story, or it all starts to fall apart. I see, how it could seem complected, but only certain things will change…

      if you remember Avonlea 1637. well, these advents haven’t changed… so the love circle isn’t broken between James and Kitana

      so I cant really say who seduced who first. that is an interesting paradox, I will leave to your imagination. all I can say is she been carrying a torch for him for a very long time

      and the Musketeers are going to like her this time. as she is going to be better behaved than she was before.

      there will be a few changes. for the heroes and the villains. but most of the changes that I’m going to focus on will of been explained be the end of the next chapter.

      basically, I only really want to change the chapters that I feel wasn’t as good when I first started and that’s nearly done now

      but if I can I would like to redo the chapter of how Avon got his scars on his face,

      sorry, this is a little long winded Jowita. I know it was just one little statement of a fun, but with all the problems I’ve been having with this game today…

      it’s so nice to have a little distraction and to think of where it could go in the future for the next and last season

      thank you Jowita 🙂

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